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  • Why Get InvolvedMarch 19, 2016
    Why Get Involved
    Only through community support, can we not only continue our life..
  • Our GoalMarch 19, 2016
    Our Goal
    Average cost of one grooming session is $40 per pet. Help us reach out goal of grooming 1000 pets this year.

Our Goal


goalEvery day animals end up in shelters because they have been abandoned, abused or neglected. These animals sit in cages, scared, sick and confused. It is our mission to help give life back to these cats and dogs. We want to make a difference in their lives. At the Hollywood Rescue Grooming Foundation, the professionals from Go Hollywood Grooming offer free grooming services so these pets can feel alive again. By giving them love, attention, baths, haircuts and TLC we can help potential pet owners truly see the beauty of the animal they will love forever. Our efforts have allowed 89% of dogs and cats to get adopted shortly after these grooming services.

Volunteers from the community show their support their hands-on help and donations. Each contribution helps save a life. We want to bring awareness about how many animals still need homes. It is our goal to get as many of these pets adopted as possible, so they can carry out happy and healthy lives.

We also bring awareness through educational programs, network rescue partnering, community events and animal advocacy. Contact us today at (888) 665-7766 to learn more or get involved.