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  • Why Get InvolvedMarch 12, 2016
    Why Get Involved
    Only through community support, can we not only continue our life..
  • Our GoalMarch 12, 2016
    Our Goal
    Average cost of one grooming session is $40 per pet. Help us reach out goal of grooming 1000 pets this year.

About Us

We save lives. For us, at the Hollywood Rescue Grooming Foundation it is all about the pets. It is our mission to help rehabilitate and transform the innocent cats and dogs who are homeless, abused and forgotten. By partnering with mobile grooming companies throughout Los Angeles County and Nationwide and offering our rescue grooming services to these wounded animals, we are able to bring hope and the chance at finding a forever home. Our life-saving grooming care truly is an act of love and saves lives.

About twice a month, we roll (along with our mobile grooming partners) with a fleet of at least five mobile pet spa vans to animal shelters all over Los Angeles County and beyond. Along with generous volunteers, we provide these less-fortunate animals with makeovers to help them get adopted or fostered by loving families. We transform the animals to make them look and feel their very best. We want them to be completely pampered and SHINE from the inside out. As a result of our grooming efforts, approximately 89% of these shelter dogs and cats will go to a FURever home within days, if not hours.

We operate through the support of the community. The services of devoted volunteers and donations from generous members of the community allow us to offer these life-saving grooming services, network rescue partnering, community events, animal advocacy and educational programs.

Millions of pets each year due to abuse, divorce, foreclosures, deaths in the family, financial and economic problems, no tags, minor behavioral problems, over-breeding and animal cruelty or neglect. And, shockingly over four million pets are euthanized each year in United States shelters alone. Those that survive are left confused, scared, sick and abandoned. We want to change this, one bath at a time by offering grooming services, love and vital care. Take a stance and help today, these lives depend on it.

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Hollywood Rescue Grooming Foundation

A 501c, Non-Profit Organization

Call us at (310) 601-0257

Or e-mail: RescueGrooming911@gmail.com